The truth about crime scene cleaning

Why would people still be cleaning their loved ones crime and trauma scenes? Have they not experienced enough trauma or is it a ‘I can do it because I am tough, I can handle it” factor. People, we have had many many people call us looking for assistance after they have cleaned crime scenes; who has fallen into a deep state of depression themselves.  Is it really worth it? I am sorry, I don’t think so. Leave the scenes to the professionals who are not emotionally involved. Save yourself from a lot of unnecessary trauma. before-after

Equine Sanitation Services NOW AVAILABLE

Equine Santitation ServiceWe know how much you love your horses and we know how important their health is to you. With this in mind we have created the ‘first of its kind in South Africa’ service-product just for that.

As we are also engaged in the sport and caring of our own horses, we saw the need for this most valued service-product and made it available for our fellow horse lovers in the Gauteng area. Please contact Shalane 0725844056 if you have any questions regarding this care package. Click on the logo for more info: