Vehicle disinfection has never been safer or easier

As a nationwide leader, Crime Scene Cleanup (CSC) maintains the highest standards in cleaning, sanitizing and safety compliance. Our specialized chemicals are specifically formulated to ensure all bacteria and contaminants are removed safely without damaging the areas worked in. Our registered chemicals are not available to the general public and our tried and tested techniques are based on years of experience in the industry which minimizes the impact on the environment. Updated techniques and legal requirements are made available to CSC Technicians in the field as they become available.

The problem – Vehicle bio-hazard situations vary widely from simple to complex. If a non-professional cleaner assists with the cleanup as part of the repair or service, all this will do is eliminate the visible dirt and debris. Your clients may still experience recurring odors, or something worse, an infectious bio-hazard.

The solution – CSC uses safe, effective disinfectants with an active and longer lasting anti-bacterial ingredient. For especially difficult to kill viruses and bacteria, a decontamination process is used to eliminate all odors permanently making sure that your vehicle will be back on the road in no time at all.

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Safeguarding your fleet