Meet your local Teams

PTA East Team

Meet Fatima and Stephen. They are both very passionate about assisting their community. Fatima and Stephen are fully trained in all fields of crime and trauma cleaning which includes: Crime Scenes, Vehicle decontamination, Fire and flood remediation, Gross Filth, Hoarding and so much more.

For local introductions or service delivery, please contact your local reliable team on 071 630 6518 or our national assistance number 0844 333 999.

Neels en Angie East Rand Angelique and Neels, what can we say 🙂 They are so passionate about what they do that when you see them you want to meet them. Angelique and Neels are highly skilled professionals in their field. They are compassionate with a need to go the extra mile. Husband wife teams are truly amazing. For more info on the services they provide, give them a call on 082 698 6741.

The truth about crime scene cleaning

Why would people still be cleaning their loved ones crime and trauma scenes? Have they not experienced enough trauma or is it a ‘I can do it because I am tough, I can handle it” factor. People, we have had many many people call us looking for assistance after they have cleaned crime scenes; who has fallen into a deep state of depression themselves.  Is it really worth it? I am sorry, I don’t think so. Leave the scenes to the professionals who are not emotionally involved. Save yourself from a lot of unnecessary trauma. before-after