Why bother with proper waste disposal?

Proper waste disposal is critical due to the fact that certain types of wastes can be hazardous and can contaminate the environment if not handled properly. These types of waste also have the potential to cause disease or get into water supplies. There are rules and regulations in place for how specific types of waste should be disposed. Following them allows for toxic waste to be safely discarded without the risk of environmental contamination.

Proper disposal is a critical service that keeps our communities sanitary and healthy.

Wollies Animal Project & CSC community project

Crime Scene Cleanup Pretoria North and Wollies Animal Project joined hands to assist the Pretoria communities who are currently being affected by pet poisonings. If your furry friend is a victim of this senseless crime please contact Karin Roux from the CSC branch at 0835345051 for assistance.

The dangers involved by handling the lifeless body of your furry friend can have dangerous effects on your health. The poison used on the animals are very dangerous if handled unprofessionally.

This is why we have put together the following service just for you: We will remove and cremate your fury friends body and clean and restore the area where the contamination took place all for just R250.00 per pet. Please note that other areas outside Pretoria can also be attended to at an additional cost.

Please contact Wollies Animal Project at 0833391692 or CSC Pta North at 0835345051 for immediate assistance. 

Seasonal Affective Disorder – SAD ‘How to cheer up’

Ugh, winter. This season is a major, soul-sucking drag, and it’s basically a full-time job keeping yourself from plummeting into total despair during the dark winter months. But, there are ways to cheer yourself up during winter, though it takes a little creativity. Like the sneaky monster it is, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) comes for us all when the temperatures start to drop. However, SAD can be defeated — you just need the right pick-me-ups.

With the correct combo of positive tricks, you can keep that beautiful smile on that even more beautiful face of yours all the way to Spring. The best part is that most of these things are free. And you don’t even need to leave your house — which, especially for introverts (hi there!) — is really a dream come true. Also, none of them require a ton of effort, since most of us have zero energy right now anyway. Give one or all of them a try, and watch your mood instantly improve. Here are all the little ways to cheer yourself up during the winter, because despite the commonality of winter madness, happiness during the cold months is attainable.

1. Get all kinds of cozy – wherever you find yourself, get yourself comfortable;

2. Catch up on all the books you’ve wanted to read – If the chilly weather is keeping you locked indoors, take advantage of this forced downtime by exercising your brain. Read, and read some more. It’s a decision you will never regret;

3. Plan a trip – Even if your bank account hates you right now after wiping it out during holiday’s we have had plenty off, plan a trip. You don’t even need to book anything, because the act of simply planning something fun will cheer you up. It forces you to acknowledge that better days are coming, and winter will eventually end;

4. Catch up on your favourite shows – This is the perfect time of year to do this. Binge on the shows you haven’t been watching, and get all caught up by the time they return from winter hiatus;

5. Rearrange your furniture – your space can use a change, and since you’re stuck inside, now is the perfect time to do just that.

6. De-clutter your life – All of us accumulate so much crap. Especially after receiving a sack full of new goodies for the holidays, our houses are probably packed to the gills with things we no longer need. You can’t exactly “in with the new” until you go “out with the old,” you know? So gather up the stuff you no longer want, and donate it;

7. Watch summer movies – the memory of hot summer days will cheer your up;

8. Drink all the hot beverages – This is the season to suck down all the lattes you can stomach. Try ’em all. Make your own at home. Better not be SAD, be happy, summer is just around the corner.

Cheer up!

Hospitality listing

Hospitality Services

We know that your company is built on a solid foundation that is comprised of responsibility, passion, experience, quality and performance.

The importance of your valued client’s and staff’s health are of utmost importance when it comes to any trauma incident. With 17 years’ experience in the trauma cleaning industry, we realise that sometimes the most unforeseen events will take place at hospitality premises.

With than on mind, we have responded and assisted in many cleanups where Housekeeping and cleaning staff cannot restore and decontaminate an area where a traumatic or accidental incident occurred. We realise that people may use your facilities to commit suicide (Hotels and B&B’s) as the cleanup will not be the responsibility of the person’s families, nor will they have to deal with the aftermath. Unfortunately, this created a whole new problem for the hospitality industry having to deal with this matter.

Instructing a cleaning company that does not specialize in crime scene cleaning, will not only create a more hazardous situation as their chemicals were not formalized to decontaminate the area, which in tern will create more dangerous bacteria, but you will need to get it done again. Your cleaning staff are not trained in the art of crime scene cleaning and will only remove the cosmetic side of the aftermath, and not remove the source.

Having a scene cleaned properly and correctly should be an integral part of your regulations where health and safety is concerned. We urge you to list Bloodsisters Crime Scene Cleanup (Pty) Ltd as your preferred service provider to ensure all systems are in place when our services are required.

The fact is, Bloodsisters Crime Scene Cleanup (Pty) Ltd is one, if not the only company in South Africa that have all the required permissions and permits that is required by law to service our client’s need, legally and professionally. We strive to ensure a discreet, professional and empathetic service to our clients on one of their darkest days, just as you do.

Leave your details in the comment box below, and we will send you all the documents you may need to list CSC at your company. Domestic ad

Our services are available NATIONWIDE 24 HOURS A DAY.

Security Company Listings

Security Companies

We know that your company is built on a solid foundation that is comprised of responsibility, passion, experience, quality and performance.

Why we exist

Most of us have seen what a crime scene looks like; especially after everyone has left the scene. Whether in real life or in the media, most people are under the misconception that the Emergency Medical Services or even the SAPS are responsible to assist in the cleanup of such scenes. Nobody generally think about this issue until they are in this situation. If you are ever in a situation like this, would you really want to be responsible for this type of cleaning at your house?

Choose wisely

The fact is, Bloodsisters Crime Scene Cleanup (Pty) Ltd is one, if not the only company in South Africa that have all the required permissions and permits that is required by law to service our client’s needs, legally and professionally. We strive to ensure a discreet, professional, empathetic service to our clients on one of their darkest days, just as you do. Nationwide assistance 24 hours a day.
We believe that together; we will be assisting our client’s every need.


Yes, we understand that your company does not want a Crime Scene Cleanup company highlighted on their business portfolio, which is totally understandable. Why need a Crime Scene Cleanup service when I have security? Totally understandable. But we know that it is not only your clients that would need assistance, but your officers too. We will never ask you to advertise our brand, nor list us on your portfolio where your clients can see us, we just need you to refer or contact us when needed. You will know when we are needed.
Our services are available 24 hours a day, Nationwide.
Save this number on your phone: 0844 333 999

How can we help you?

In any traumatic event, we will be able to attend to the scene with utmost urgency.
Suicide, natural death, break-ins, industrial accidents, attempted and positive high-jackings, sewage spills, finger print dust removal, glass fragments in house or vehicles, poisoned pets, robberies, injury on duty, accidents, teargas remediation, etc.

Listing as a service provider

When you agree that our services are of the utmost importance to you and your clients, and you feel that you would like to add even more value to your service, we urge you to list us as a preferred service provider to your company.
For documentation to list as a service provider to your company, please leave a comments in the box below and we will send you everything you need.

There is an option available if you would like to make Bloodsisters Crime Scene Cleanup (Pty) Ltd an added value service to your clients. We understand that you have different kinds of clients and not all clients are on the same payment plans. Therefore, if you would like to add CSC as an added value service to your clients, we can prepare and discuss some payment options that would suit you best.

Rates start from R3.00 per month.

We would like to thank you for your time taken to read through our proposal. We hope and trust that you will see the benefit CSC will be to your company.
If you have any questions, or would like to discuss the way forward, please let us know as we are ready and able to assist in your client’s trauma relieve needs.


Meet your local Teams

PTA East Team

Meet Fatima and Stephen. They are both very passionate about assisting their community. Fatima and Stephen are fully trained in all fields of crime and trauma cleaning which includes: Crime Scenes, Vehicle decontamination, Fire and flood remediation, Gross Filth, Hoarding and so much more.

For local introductions or service delivery, please contact your local reliable team on 071 630 6518 or our national assistance number 0844 333 999.

Neels en Angie East Rand Angelique and Neels, what can we say 🙂 They are so passionate about what they do that when you see them you want to meet them. Angelique and Neels are highly skilled professionals in their field. They are compassionate with a need to go the extra mile. Husband wife teams are truly amazing. For more info on the services they provide, give them a call on 082 698 6741.