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We know that your company is built on a solid foundation that is comprised of responsibility, passion, experience, quality and performance.

The importance of your valued client’s and staff’s health are of utmost importance when it comes to any trauma incident. With 17 years’ experience in the trauma cleaning industry, we realise that sometimes the most unforeseen events will take place at hospitality premises.

With than on mind, we have responded and assisted in many cleanups where Housekeeping and cleaning staff cannot restore and decontaminate an area where a traumatic or accidental incident occurred. We realise that people may use your facilities to commit suicide (Hotels and B&B’s) as the cleanup will not be the responsibility of the person’s families, nor will they have to deal with the aftermath. Unfortunately, this created a whole new problem for the hospitality industry having to deal with this matter.

Instructing a cleaning company that does not specialize in crime scene cleaning, will not only create a more hazardous situation as their chemicals were not formalized to decontaminate the area, which in tern will create more dangerous bacteria, but you will need to get it done again. Your cleaning staff are not trained in the art of crime scene cleaning and will only remove the cosmetic side of the aftermath, and not remove the source.

Having a scene cleaned properly and correctly should be an integral part of your regulations where health and safety is concerned. We urge you to list Bloodsisters Crime Scene Cleanup (Pty) Ltd as your preferred service provider to ensure all systems are in place when our services are required.

The fact is, Bloodsisters Crime Scene Cleanup (Pty) Ltd is one, if not the only company in South Africa that have all the required permissions and permits that is required by law to service our client’s need, legally and professionally. We strive to ensure a discreet, professional and empathetic service to our clients on one of their darkest days, just as you do.

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