It baffles my mind how large corporate companies and institutions where thousands of people work/study daily does not have the proper health and safety precautions in place. Health and safety is one thing but accidents and unexpected trauma incidents do happen, like it or not. These things happen and the proper steps of dealing with it is not in place.

We have urged hundreds of companies and institutions to get ready for the ‘in case’, but yes as humans, we always think that ‘this’ will not happen to us. Well it does! And you as a Manager/Owner must have the steps in place. Maybe its just ignorance or maybe it is just an ‘I don’t care’ attitude. Well I for one are a bit taken back by this. Yes, you do have your safety check lists, but when push comes to shove you put your students and staff’s health at risk… because you ‘did not think this will happen’. Well it did… now what.

With all the red tape and paper work that needs to be completed before something can be done to help you… you just wasted valuable time… because you ‘did not think this would happen?’.

Now is you chance to make things right before its too late. List us as a service provider and get helped immediately. You cannot wait any longer! We have seen this scenario happen over and over again. Be prepared… be the leader in your field.

Eileen de Jager



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