Safety & Security at Home

• Making your home less attractive to burglars
• Securing your premises

How to reduce the chances of your home being burgled. You can dramatically reduce the chances of your home being burgled, with some common sense
and the installation of simple effective security measures such as deadlocks, window locks and security grills.

Home security appraisal: YES or NO
With every ‘yes’ you tick your home becomes more burglar proof.

Other tips to help secure your home.

When leaving your home, ask yourself “Does it look like the house is empty?”
Consider following these tips:
• At night, leave inside lights on which would normally be on if you were at home
• Consider using electronic timing devices that turn the TV, radio or lights on and off at selected times
• Keep doors and windows locked at all times and activate alarm systems when leaving your home
• Consider installing movement-activated external lighting
• Install key operated locks for doors with glass panels
• Make windows more secure by fitting locks, safety film, security screens or external roller shutters

Gardens / Fences / Garages / Meter Boxes
• Keep trees and shrubs trimmed to minimise hiding places available to a burglar
• Put away tools, gardening equipment and ladders. Burglars may use these to
gain access
• Remember to lock garden sheds and garages
• Install low or see-through fences at the front of homes to deter burglars as they minimise hiding places
• Fit an approved meter box with a viewing window. Contact your electrical supplier for further information.




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