One of the most challenging situations we face as trauma cleanup specialists is the unattended death, when a person dies and is not found for days or even longer. For the family affected, dealing with a death cleanup can be a grim experience. Considering the difficult and disturbing nature of decomposition, as well as the potential health hazards associated, remediating the situation is a job for professional trauma scene cleaners like CSC.
If left unattended, even the smallest amount of biological material may lead to serious physical damage within the home. Airborne bacteria cause lingering odors which, in addition to being unpleasant, can impact both the safety and well-being of future occupants.
Most people are shocked to realize that a decomposed body can begin to impact a home’s livability in only a few hours, under some weather conditions. Often within a few days, personal property such as furniture, books, clothes and carpeting are forever ruined.

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