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When would you call a professional crime scene cleaning company to clean blood out of a car? When its’ a really valuable car or a professional commercial vehicle that justifies the cost of remediating the biohazards inside. Thankfully, many insurance policies cover the cost of remediation so business owners and vehicle owners can get help with the financial impact of a major blood spill or a suicide in a vehicle.

If you use your car every day, as many of us do, its important that the interior environment remain safe and clean. As with all remediation projects, vehicle biohazard situations vary widely, from simple to complex. If a non-professional cleaner offers to clean your vehicle as part of the repair or service, remember that this only eliminates visible dirt and debris. You may experience recurring odor, or worse—such as infectious biohazard.

Proper remediation is difficult enough in wide open spaces; the nooks and crannies of a vehicle makes cleaning blood from a car tougher. Literally every surface inside the car must be wiped down with a cleaning solution—even the tiniest crevice must be cleaned of all surface dirt and material in order to facilitate proper sanitation, or odor and risk of disease will occur. Some cleanups involve accidents with injuries or vehicle break-ins, where a careless perpetrator was injured during the crime.

Trauma scene cleanup means that the crew is responsible for the removal of sharps, in addition to blood and biohazards. We have cleaned vehicles following suicides, crime and accidents.

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