Suicide & Homicide cleanup

Bloodborne pathogen cleanup
CSC treats all crime scenes and blood spills as if they contain life threatening infection… and with good reason.
These diseases are invisible and yet can cause severe illness or even death, without proper Bloodborne pathogen cleanup. Frighteningly, some viruses can remain dormant and reactivate when exposed to water, putting you are your family at risk years later.
CSC uses the same Bloodborne pathogen cleanup techniques that food preparation facilities, manufacturing, health care and other enterprises use to eradicate disease and restore safety.
First we meticulously clean the area with proprietary cleaning agents, followed by a strict sanitation protocol.
After remediating the scene, our technicians dispose of all bio hazardous materials in market containers and take them to an approved biohazard disposal site, following local and national laws.
You can trust CSC for professional and safe Bloodborne pathogen cleanup, to ensure that your home and property are protected after any death or trauma scene has occurred.Weblogo 2

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