The scene left behind after the police has completed their investigation can be just as traumatic as the crime itself. After the burglars have come into and rummaged through your belongings and have torn your home apart, the police follow-up with their investigation. There is a high possibility they will use fingerprint dust to collect evidence. After they are done, they leave you to put your home back together again. The easy part may be straightening the pictures on the walls and putting items back where they belong. The harder part is removing the fingerprint dust the police leave behind. Let’s look at some simple things you can do to remove this annoying reminder of your home’s invasion.

First, you should remove the fingerprint dust as soon as possible so that you don’t track it around the house and make matters worse. Start by putting on some water-proof gloves. Set up a bucket with some warm, soapy water for some surface, put the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner, and break out your favourite polisher and have as many disposable rags available as possible before you begin. Now, you are ready to get rid of the evidence of the crime you have suffered.

For non-porous surfaces such as plastics, sealed ceramics, and class simply brush off the excess and then wash the area with warm, sudsy water. It will take some work, but it will come clean after some effort.

Use your favourite furniture polish for your furniture. You will need to use several rags that will have to be discarded afterwards. The rags will be impossible to clean after they have been used to clean fingerprint powder. If you have other surfaces that are not wood, but they are unpainted, you can use a bleach-like cleaner to get rid of the dust. Again, you will need several rags. Use window cleaner for metal objects, electronics and appliances.

After all the surface areas are wiped down, you can break out your vacuum cleaner with the brush attachment. Use the brush to break up and pick up the loose powder. After you have vacuumed the area in a few different directions to assure as much is picked up as possible, use a mild cleaner to pick up anything left on you carpet. Spray the spots with you cleaner and use a clean cloth to blot the area. Repeat until it is all picked up. Rinse the cleaned area with clean water and allow to dry.

If you decide or find that the job is just not going to be done, please contact 0844 333 999 for an obligation free quote.

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